Call-Me Button

The Call-Me button is a technological advancement that ties together websites with regular phone lines. The system works seamlessly on the webpage where it is placed. The user simply enters their # and is connected without any further action required. We’ve created a detailed diagram that outlines exactly how the system works.

The phone # input box has smart features integrated:

• Only numeric entry is allowed.
• The phone # must be 10 digits prior to initiating the call.
• Input numbers turn green when valid.

We can also ADD many Advanced Options:

• Pre-populate area code based on user’s IP address location (geo-location)
• Only accept valid US area codes
• Add a country dropdown and accept international numbers.
• The system has full support for international calling!

The Live Demo


Select service to be connected to during demo:

      Restaurant Reservations
      Shopping, Transportation, Clubs

  Las Vegas Limousines

  Paris Hotel Main Line